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Season 11:

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Best of NH 2013


Our goal for Giving Tuesday is $750!

Through this season, we'll be developing an original piece asking "How do you retain your identity when your very survival is threatened?" The Peer Gynt Project will look at the already woven stories of imprisoned Norwegian artist Per Krohg and Henrik Ibsen's adventurous Peer Gynt to explore their longing for freedom and undeniable air of resistance.

We're collaborating again with the Czechoslovak American Marionette Theatre to help us create some of the magic of Peer’s adventures with the trolls and other mythical beasts. We'll be commissioning Kuba, their marionette carver in Prague, to create a marionette of the Troll King. (He already has a theme you prpbeby know, Edvard Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King)

We need your help to have Kuba carve a new friend for Karkulka (seen above in Raining Aluminum) and Marcus (who has appeared for four years in our production of The Burial at Thebes). All gifts made on Giving Tuesday will go toward commissioning this new puppet. Donors will get a special peek into the carving process and an invitation to his unveiling when he arrives from Prague this spring!

So mark your calendar to give to theatre KAPOW on November 27!