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2016 Summer Retreat

Artists RetreatArtists Retreat


Modern Dance will be led by Patricia Harms and Christine Jacques Simes of Range of Motion Arts. They have been collaborating together since 2006. Through ROMA they design and deliver integrated arts workshops, artist-in-residence projects, choreography and creative process workshops, and dance technique master classes, with the belief that the process is as valuable as the product. Participants gain self-awareness and empowerment, creative and critical thinking abilities, increased adaptability, and improved communication and collaborative skills.

Michael Chekhov once said that there is nothing more interesting than the human being.  Our Chekhov work, led by Peter Josephson, offers an approach to acting that integrates the physical and the psychological through an exploration of gesture and action.  Chekhov's approach to acting helps us downplay mere "performance" in favor of more truthful imagination.  This summer we will play with objects through which we may develop images, explore direction and tempo, and build characters.  Throughout our aim will be Chekhov's: to discover and express the human truth that rests beneath the surface of text and activity.

The Viewpoints, led by Carey Cahoon, is a technique of improvisation that provides a vocabulary for thinking about and acting upon movement and gesture.  First articulated by post-modern choreographer Mary Overlie, the Viewpoints broke down the two dominant issues performers deal with - time and space - into six categories. She called her approach, the Six Viewpoints. Since that time, Artistic Director Anne Bogart and SITI Company have expanded her notions and adapted them for actors. The Viewpoints allows a group of actors to function together spontaneously and intuitively and to generate bold, theatrical work quickly. It develops flexibility, articulation, and strength in movement and makes ensemble playing really possible.

Artists RetreatYoga will be led by Gail Angellis. As an actor, Gail has worked with theatre KAPOW exclusively since 2010. She is also a 200/hr RYT with Yoga Alliance, and has been teaching for two years at NH Power Yoga in Merrimack. She earned her 200 hour TT from The Edge Power Yoga Teacher Training in Exeter, NH. In addition, Gail was privately trained by Bob and Mary Howard, master teachers of Baptiste Power Flow Yoga. A former high impact fitness instructor, Gail has seen the benefit of what yoga can do for mind/body training and now exclusively practices yoga herself. Yoga incorporates focus, balance, mental sharpness, relaxation, breath work, and discipline that will benefit all aspects of theatre training as well as day to day living.

Aaron Butler will discuss and lead Tai Chi.  Aaron has been teaching Chinese martial arts professionally for almost 10 years and his main focus during this time has been on understanding the principles taught in Tai Chi.  Aaron travels and spends time closely working with masters revered for their knowledge in this style. This multifaceted art encompasses grace and beauty, health and longevity, and is an effective martial arts system.  In this training session we will cover how movement is understood to a Tai Chi practitioner, exercises to develop and understand the qualities of energy in Tai Chi, and fun and developmental two person exercises.  The core of Tai Chi is in a link to the present moment through awareness and mindfulness.

Artists RetreatComposition is the act of writing as a group, in time and space, using the language of theater; putting together raw material into a form that is repeatable, theatrical, communicative and dramatic. The process of creating compositions is by nature collaborative: within a short period of time, participants arrive at solutions to certain delineated tasks. These solutions, arranged and performed as a piece, are what constitutes a Composition. The creative process demands cooperation and quick, intuitive decisions. Making original work offers the opportunity to create a universe from scratch. The group will be working on compsitions related to an exploration of the 1917 explosion in Halifax Harbor.

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