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Season 11:

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The plays in this season have all been selected around the unifying theme explore. The concept of exploration is a foundation of all of theatre KAPOW’s work, but this year the idea is brought into tight focus with shows that tell the stories of explorers of different kinds.  Whether they are exploring Ireland, the Pacific Ocean, or the depths of outer space, the shows all take the audience on journeys beyond the known world. Along with any exploration comes a search for truth and all of season 11’s plays examine the lines between fact and fiction and what happens when that line is blurred.  “As we explore our surroundings, we learn more about the world and the people with whom we share it,” says Artistic Director, Matt Cahoon. “Ultimately, I believe that the more we learn about each other, the closer we become and the better equipped we are to deal with all the other unknowns.”

Season 11:
Translations by Brian Friel
Shipwrecked: An Entertainment—
The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (as Told by Himself)
by Donald Margulies
Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson

Translations by Brian FrielShipwrecked! by Donald MarguliesThe Christians by Lucas Hnath

The ARTiculate Playreading Series in partnership with the Currier Museum of Art continues this year.  Hear new or rarely produced plays that relate to special exhibitions at the Currier or objects or artists in the museum's permanent collection.

ARTiculate Playreading Series

On the Ceiling by Nigel Planer
The Bakelite Masterpiece by Kate Cayley
The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek
by Athol Fugard

And a new project to be developed over two years, to be performed in June 2020.

Peer & Per: The Peer Gynt Project