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"I think a person has to believe in something, or search out some kind of faith; otherwise life is empty, nothing." ~ Masha, Three Sisters
Anton Chekhov/Sarah Ruhl

Season 10:
Faith & Story

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Best of NH 2013


Hedda GablerCarey Cahoon in Hedda Gabler

Friday, September 10, 7.30 pm
Saturday, Sept 11
, 2 & 7.30 pm Stockbridge Theatre

Thrilling , enigmatic, destructive, Hedda Gabler is one of theatre's most irresistible heroines.

Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler is an important modern tragedy of an educated woman who can find no outlet in her society for her talents and has become warped by the restrictions placed upon her. Returning from her honeymoon and already bored with her marriage, Hedda finds herself caught between the brilliant but dissolute Eilert Lovborg and the clutches of the predatory Judge Brack.

As a shocking path of destruction unfolds, there can be only one outcome... Henrik Ibsen’s great social drama of a caged woman in the late nineteenth century explores her tormented desire for escape and her yearning for individual and spiritual freedom.

Peter Josephson and Carey Cahoon as Judge Brack and Hedda Tesman
Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen
Adapted by Christopher Hampton

Aunt Julia... Gail Angellis
Berte... Jeanne Couturier
George Tesman... Joel Breen
Hedda Gabler... Carey Cahoon
Mrs. Elvsted... Kate Harper
Judge Brack... Peter Josephson
Eilert Lovborg... Dan Merriman

Director... Matthew Cahoon
Assistant Director... Suzanne Tartarilla

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