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Congratulations to the company of Time Stands Still, and to all the artists of theatre KAPOW who took home awards at the 2015 NH Theatre Awards

Best Production:  Time Stands Still
Best Lighting Design:  Tayva Young for Time Stands Still
Best Scenic Design:  Jim Webber for Time Stands Still
Our Theatre Hero: Matthew Lomanno

We're proud of all our finalists for 2015 NH Theatre Awards

Best Production:  The Burial at Thebes
Best Production:  Uma Vida Imaginária*
Best Director:  Matt Cahoon for The Burial at Thebes*
Best Director:  Matt Cahoon for Time Stands Still*
Best Director:  Matt Cahoon for Uma Vida Imaginária
Best Actor:  John Decareau for Time Stands Still*
Best Actor:  Peter Josephson for The Burial at Thebes
Best Actress: Carey Cahoon for Time Stands Still*
Best Actress: Carey Cahoon for Uma Vida Imaginária*
Best Supporting Actor:  Peter Josephson for Time Stands Still*
Best Costume Design: Carey Cahoon for The Burial at Thebes
Best Scenic Design:  Matt Cahoon for The Burial at Thebes
Best Sound Design:  Sandy Theodorou for The Burial at Thebes
Best Lighting Design:  Tayva Young for The Burial at Thebes
Best Lighting Design:  Tayva Young for Uma Vida Imaginária

* - Top 3 Finalist

Praise for The Burial at Thebes
This was one of the best productions I have seen in a long time.
The flow and pace was excellent, and all elements of the production complimented each other.
Combined with a strong cast, creative use of lighting and music and a wonderful script, this was an extremely engrossing experience.
The sound design for this production was exceptional.
I thought the costume design for this show was excellent. The costumes were modern wear but were consistent across each other in terms of color and look.  Greys, and blacks, and whites and tailored. Of note was the bare feet which was, imo, a stroke of genius.
Almost instrument like in the mellifluent qualities of Carey’s speaking voice.
It was an excellent production, with near flawless acting by the lead actors.
Overall, this was a brilliant and outstanding production.
The result was a thoroughly engaging and moving theatrical experience.

Praise for Time Stands Still
Impressive and excellent use of the space and an amazing attention to detail made it apparent that this Director took the time to really understand this play and its characters.
It was like being in middle of someone’s living room – 720 degree set, which I have never seen it before.
The set was brilliantly creative and enhanced the production as a whole, and the attention to detail in both the wall treatments and the set dressing was flawless.
In some cases we needed something more concrete than a “wow”. The set was amazing. It was the type of set that takes the breath away as soon as you walk into the performance space.
Aesthetically speaking it was as good as set I have ever seen.
Excellent use of stage lights and natural lights – really made one feel they were in someone’s apartment.
The lighting was excellent, extremely realistic and highly appropriate in keeping with the playwright and director’s vision.
Sarah has a heartending monologue that Carey executed with precision and measured emotion as the horror of the moment washed over her. As her eyes glazed over and she relived the moment of the bombing and the confrontation with the woman in the marketplace, the audience was pulled and it was a fantastic theatrical moment.
Carey brought the audience on a roller coaster of emotions with strength and character.
Stellar. In terms of acting, set, lighting, make-up, pacing, story, character development, chemistry among the characters. The production was believable, heartfelt, and really did the playwright proud.
This was an excellent afternoon of theatre that was near flawless. The exceptional use of the space and the attention to detail made this adjudicator glad he attended.

Praise for Uma Vida Imaginaria

All this was meticulously practiced and staged with the utmost care.
This was an impressive production in terms of originality, director/writer’s vision and interpretation of what I can only assume was a challenging work of literature (in Portugese) translated into English for a New Hampshire audience.
The scenic work on this production was nothing but impressive!... Just excellent! Bravo.
The projections were impressive and definitely added to all elements in the production and made for a continuous flow in the play.
I was just in awe.
The actor performed in an exceptional manner for a difficult play.
I am in awe of this performance. Carey went out guns blazing from the first moment she stepped on stage. Her clarity of speech and use of her body to convey not only the emotions of the character but where her character was in the play, both plot and development, was nothing but excellent.
This production was excellent… Again thank you for the amazing theater and story.