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24 Hour Play FestivalOctober 25 - 26, 2013
Stockbridge Theatre, Derry, NH

Performance: Saturday, October 26, 2013, 7.30 pm
Stockbridge Theatre, Derry, NH

Some plays require years to write, cast, rehearse and stage, but not these!  The festival will present six 10-15 minute plays created entirely in just twenty-four hours.  At 7.30 pm on Friday, October 25, a group of playwrights will meet at the theatre to learn the theme for the festival, receive their list of guidelines, a director, and their cast. The next morning, the scripts they write that night will be distributed to the actors and directors to rehearse.  At 7.30 pm on Saturday, October 26, the curtain rises! That’s it, just 24 hours to write, rehearse and mount an evening of new plays.

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Meet the Writers and Directors here!

The Truth Will Spring Yuh, Bitch
By Donald Tongue
Director: Deborah Shaw
Cast:  Linda Chase, Rachael Longo, Aaron Compagna and Kathryn Perry
Prop: Tablecloth

Fourth Down and Short
By  Steven Bergman
Director:  Aaron Foss
Cast:  Neal Blaiklock, Molly Eliza Donlan, and Rich Hurley
Prop: cassette tape

Memory Jar
By Lynne Guimond Sabean
Director:  Katelynn Devorak
Cast: Ben Bagley, Lucas Breen, and Kyp Pilalas
Prop: Hatbox and red cup/saucer

by Kelly Smith
Director:  Wanda Strukus
Cast: Claire Amirault, Rebekah Carrow, Debra Doda, Olivia Dodd, and Christine Laplante
Prop: Bucket

Two Dog Watches
By Scott Tobin
Director:  Joe Pelonzi
Cast:  Joel Breen and Brian Foulkes
Prop: Hourglass

The Talking Cat
By Mark Marshall and Kyp Pilalas
Director:  Tom Anastasi
Cast:  Jeff Bowden, Kelly Litt, and Anja Ward
Prop: Kitten

Stage Manager: Carey Cahoon
Lighting Design: Matt Cahoon
Sound Design: Nat Ward
Production Assistants: Emma Cahoon, Rob Kilburn, Mark Marshall and Justin Voshell

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