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The past never returns, what returns is not the past,  but a present that has distant roots.
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24 Hour Play Festivaltheatre KAPOW and WAX IDIOTCAL FILMS
team up to present the fourth annual
24 Hour Play Festival
October 17 - 18, 2014
Stockbridge Theatre, Derry, NH

Performance: Saturday, October 18, 2014, 7.30 pm
Stockbridge Theatre, Derry, NH

Some plays require years to write, cast, rehearse and stage, but not these!  The festival will present five 10-15 minute plays created entirely in just twenty-four hours.  At 7.30 pm on Friday, October 17, a group of playwrights will meet at the theatre to learn the theme for the festival, receive their list of guidelines, a director, and their cast. The next morning, the scripts they write that night will be distributed to the actors and directors to rehearse.  At 7.30 pm on Saturday, October 18, the curtain rises! That’s it, just 24 hours to write, rehearse and mount an evening of new plays.

Meet the writers and directors here.

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by Patrick Cleary
Directed by Debera-Ann Lund
Mary.....Diedre Bridge
Jennifer.....Jasmine Roth

Cat Sense
by Jasmine Roth
Directed by Dan Pelletier
Fieryo.....Mitch Fortier
Martha.....Sarah Dunn
CatCat.....Jake Randlett
Human.....Finley Smith

Meet the Family
by Paul Goodwin
Directed by Deb Shaw
Tom.....Brian Foulkes
Julliette/Buttercup.....Lauren Bamford
Daddy.....Michael Stailey
Praline.....Olivia Dodd

by Barbara Danser
Directed by Brett Billings
Vivian.....Donna Goldfarb
Gary.....Chad Boutin
Lillian.....Deniz Khateri

This Dating Thing
by Brandon M. Crose
Directed by Jamileh Jemison
eHarmoney.....Ben Bagley
OkCupid.....Jackie Marcoux
Single.....Kelly Litt

Stage Manager.....Carey Cahoon
Lighting Design .....Matt Cahoon
Production Assistants.....Emma Cahoon, Kyp Pilalas, and Mark Marshall
Sound Design.....Nat Ward

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