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“If you don't know where you are, you don't know who you are.” ~ Wendell Berry


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24 Hour Play Festival

Friday, June 28, 7.30 pm
Saturday, June 29
, 7.30 pm
Derry Opera House, Derry NH
Co-presented by the Greater Derry Arts Council

tKAPOW is proud of the fact that it is an actor-centered company. In that vein, season five: dream will culminate in a devised work that embraces the role of the actor as creator. Personal dream journals will provide source material for a totally new theatrical experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen... except in your dreams.

Twelve company members will devise an original work based upon themes and imagery found in dreams.  As additional source material for Perchance: an Exploration of Dreams, we'll use text from literature and scientific research, imagery from visual artists, instrumental and vocal music, and their own dreams.

The Dreamers:
Claire Amirault
Carey Cahoon
Matthew Cahoon
Jennifer Coburn
Olivia Dodd
Peter Josephson
Kelly Litt
Rachael Longo
Tai Nixa
Nat Ward

Choreography by Jennifer Coburn
Sound Design by Nat Ward
Literary Advisor, Dr. Meoghan Cronin

Supported by the Arthur Getz Charitable Foundation

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