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The past never returns, what returns is not the past,  but a present that has distant roots.
Luigina Sgarro


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For sale: Baby shoes, never wornWorkshop Production
March 18 & 19, 7.30 pm
Adams Memorial Opera House, Derry

According to legend, in 1923 Ernest Hemingway made a bet in a bar that he could write a complete and compelling story using just six words.  He then scribbled on a napkin the six words: "For Sale : Baby shoes, never worn."  With that, the legend goes, he won the bet and would later refer to that simple story as his greatest work.

tKAPOW presents four brand new short plays based on Hemingway’s powerful six-word story.  The plays:

The Corner Cupboard Ad by John Michael Sefel
A woman visits her local newspaper to place an unusual ad in the classified section.

A Time, Twice Upon by Donald Tongue
Return to a bygone era, when baby shoes were immaterial, and ponder - what's God got to do with it?

Just Like the Devil
by Lowell Williams
Romana desperately needs money, but she has a plan.

Hills Like White Baby Shoes by Dana Biscotti Myskowski
A man ducks into a bar and finds a distressed Hemingway and a merry gerbil.

Learn more about these New Hampshire playwrights here.

The group of playwrights convened for the first time in June, and has met numerous times since, developing their work in a supportive yet challenging atmosphere.  All of the scripts have undergone substantial revision along the way thanks to the feedback from fellow playwrights and local actors who did a closed reading in September.  Audiences at the December 19 reading at the Adams Memorial Opera House in Derry shared some wonderful feedback.