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The past never returns, what returns is not the past,  but a present that has distant roots.
Luigina Sgarro


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A Dream Play

Friday, September 21- 23, 2-12
Stockbridge Theatre

Sleep, the Liberator, often feels like torture. When the torment is at its worst, the moment of awakening comes, reconciling the sufferer with reality, which regardless of how painful it might be, is at this very moment a joy compared to the agonies of dreaming.

Agnes, a daughter of the gods, descends from the heavens to discover the reality of human existence. In a dream-like progression of captivating events, Agnes encounters dozens of people and their daily struggles with love, suffering, politics, ambition, philosophy, hope and compassion. This vision of our world explores humanity with insight, humor and the vivid power of a dream.

Purportedly written by Strindberg during a psychotic break, A Dream Play follows the logic of a dream in which images and characters merge and separate, locations change in an instant, and a locked door recurs obsessively. Caryl Churchill has been one of Britain’s most celebrated dramatists over the past half century. A Dream Play

A Dream Play by August Strindberg
Adapted by Caryl Churchill

Directed by Matt Cahoon
Lighting Design byTayva Young

The Ensemble:
Claire Amirault
Joel Breen
Gail Angellis
Carey Cahoon
Gina Carballo
Rich Hurley
Peter Josephson
Mark Marshall
Tai Nixa
Marc Pelletier

A Dream Play

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