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The past never returns, what returns is not the past,  but a present that has distant roots.
Luigina Sgarro


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My neighbor, the poettKAPOW continues to present original works on literary greats with the premiere of My Neighbor, The Poet by New Hampshire playwright Donald Tongue.  The play centers on American poet Robert Frost, and the years he lived in Derry, New Hampshire and taught at Pinkerton Academy.

A four-time Pulitzer Prize-winner, Robert Frost spent eleven years living in Derry, NH, from 1900-1911.   Nine of those years were spent living on a farm that is now a National Historic Landmark visited by thousands of people annually.  While Frost was not known as a skilled farmer, it has often been said that it was his time in Derry that allowed him to develop his signature poetic voice.  Frost himself once wrote, “I might say the core of all my writing was probably the five free years I had there on the farm.”  Frost wrote both of his first two volumes of poetry and a portion of his third while living there.

Robert Frost wrote most of his first three books of poetry while living about two miles south of Derry Village on a small farm, now a National Historic Landmark supported by the Division of Parks and Recreation that hosts thousands of visitors annually.  Frost lived and worked on the Derry farm from the age of twenty-six to the age of thirty-three.  While he was a very unsuccessful farmer, it was during his time there that Frost developed his trademark poetic voice.   Despite living in many different places over the span of his career, one year prior to his death, Frost expressed his desired to re-purchase the New Hampshire farm and restore its idyllic, pastoral beauty.  Two years after her father’s death, Frost’s eldest surviving child, Lesley, personally headed up the effort to purchase and restore the property to the way that it had been when her family had lived there.

My Neighbor, the Poet is theatre KAPOW’s third original play based upon a great literary figure.  The company utilized the myriad of resources available in Derry, at the Frost Farm and at Pinkerton Academy to develop ideas for the project.  Donald Tongue’s play focuses on the relationships between Robert and Elinor Frost and between Lesley Frost and Hank Lee, the owner of the farm in 1965.  Alternating between the early 1900’sand the mid-1960’s, it is an intriguing and intimate piece about four people, each something important at stake in the farm.


Friday, October 22 at 7.00 pm
Claremont Opera House, Claremont
Tickets $10/$5

Tuesday, October 26 at 7.30 pm
Dana Center, Saint Anselm College, Manchester
Performance is free

Friday, October 29 at 7.30 pm
Adams Memorial Opera House, Derry
Tickets $15/$12

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Friday, October 22, at 10.00 am
Claremont Opera House, Claremont, NH
Please call (603) 542-4433

October 27 & 28 at 9.00 am
Stockbridge Theatre, Derry, NH
Please call (603) 437-5210

My Neighbor, the Poet is funded in part by the Parker Nelson Foundation.