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The past never returns, what returns is not the past,  but a present that has distant roots.
Luigina Sgarro


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The Odyssey

Tuesday, October 25 at 7.30 pm
Saint Anselm College Dana Center
Free admission
Sponsored by the Saint Anselm College English Department

October 26, 27, and 28, 2011 at 9 am
Stockbridge Theatre
Tickets $6 for students
Call (603) 437-5210 to reserve tickets

A wife.
A son.
A long journey home.

In an original adaptation rooted in the story-telling of epic tradition, tKAPOW explores the simple
strength and beauty of the ancient tales of Odysseus’ ten year journey home after the Trojan War. The play weaves together Penelope’s faithfulness, Telemachus’ coming of age, and Odysseus’ struggle to survive against all odds.

Penelope in The OdysseyTelemachus in The OdysseyPoseidon and Odysseus in The Odyssey

The Odyssey of Homer
Adapted by theatre KAPOW

Odysseus...Aaron Compagna
Calypso/Penelope/Arete... Carey Cahoon
Telemachus/Sailor... Dan Merriman
Nausicaa/Circe/Sailor/Suitor... Christine Laplante
Polyphemus/Sailor/Suitor... Justin Fredenburg
Eurylochus/Sailor/Suitor... Donald Tongue
Antinous/Sailor... Matthew Cahoon
Poseidon... Peter Josephson
Hermes... Joel D. Breen
Anticlea... Gail Angellis
Athena... Kate Harper