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The past never returns, what returns is not the past,  but a present that has distant roots.
Luigina Sgarro


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3+ One Acts by David Lindsay-AbaireFebruary 26 - 27, 2010

Stockbridge Theatre

Three of the short comedies in this collection were all originally written as part of The 24 Hour Plays On Broadway. Described by The New York Post as "the equivalent of a high-wire act without a net," the 24 Hour Plays is an annual benefit in which several one acts are written, cast, directed and performed on Broadway in less than a day. As Black Book says, "It's a raucous, foot-stomping evening which redefines fresh."

History LessonThe History Lesson:  It's Maggie's last day as a park ranger, and she has an arsenal of made-up historical facts to unload on her helpless listeners.

Maggie..... Carey Cahoon
Directed by Matthew Cahoon

Crazy Eights: When Connie comeshome late one night, she finds her parole officer waiting in her apartment with a torte and a long list of Crazy Eightsquestions. The interrogation/ courtingdance that follows is complicated by the after-hours arrival of Connie's charming card-playing buddy.

Benny... Mitch Fortier
Connie... Carryl Roy
Cliff... Christopher Pizolato
Directed by Don Tongue

That Other Person: Tonight is the night Ginge and Kevin are going to tell their respective spouses the marriage-shattering secret they've been keeping from everyone. But their bombshell gets put on the back burner when a gorgeous peeping-tom, with secrets of her own, falls in the pool and nearly drowns. That Other Person

Tappy... Carey Cahoon
Jack... Mitch Fortier
Ginge... Gail Angellis
Kevin... Joel Breen
Sissy... Carryl Roy
Directed by Don Tongue

Baby Food is a contemporary comedy about an off-kilter couple desperately searching for godparents for their newborn infant. Little do they know that the friends they've chosen are less than adventurous diners and on the verge of a divorce. Baby Food

Joyce... Gail Angellis
Marlon... Mitch Fortier
Danita... Carey Cahoon
Gary... Joel Breen
Directed by Matthew Cahoon


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