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“If you don't know where you are, you don't know who you are.” ~ Wendell Berry


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Shakespeare on the Green: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Opens July 18

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Anti-racism Pledge

We pledge to be held publicly accountable in cultivating an anti-racist, equitable space for learning and creating. We will actively hold ourselves accountable if and when we are not doing our part to stand up against structural racism. We will promote a positive space for all, regardless of race, sexuality, gender expression, or ability. We will listen in order to understand, not to defend or deflect.

We recognize that, in addition to actively attending to this work in the rehearsal studio/theatre, the work also requires a long-term commitment to identifying and addressing racism, as well as ableism, genderism, sexism, other forms of discrimination. We understand that this entails making necessary policy changes, building equitable and inclusive workplaces, and remaining accountable. We pledge to insist that this creative space must actively pursue the work of anti-racism and equity.

We pledge to lean into difficult conversations with individuals and institutions in the industry who have not made these commitments or who are failing to live up to them.

We pledge to examine and dismantle our own learned biases. We will sit in the discomfort this brings, and will not let this discomfort render us silent or derail the necessary work.

We pledge to use our social, cultural, and financial capital to amplify institutions and productions led by people of color, and to call out those that do not involve this leadership.

Thank you for holding us accountable and joining us in this effort to foster an anti-racist, inclusive theatrical community that creates opportunities for all artists and audiences.

This pledge was adapted from the Tectonic Theater Project and inspired by the Broadway Advocacy Coalition pledge made in June of 2020 in response to the #BwayforBLM movement.